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¬ Icy Steel - Following the metal way!!

Hi Alberto!! Icy Steel is a pretty new band. So first of all please introduce yourself and your bandmates to us and let us know when and why you founded Icy Steel.

Alberto: A big greet to you, Tobi! ICY STEEL are composed by four brothers, and they are: Stefano Galeano (Guitars and Vocals), Alberto Eretta (Guitar), Alessandro Oggiano (Drums) and Roberto Ladinetti (Bass).
The band is born from the love of Heavy metal, and we let this love become reality by creating this band three years ago!!

You just released your self-titled debut album through the German True Metal label Pure Steel Records. How have you got into contact with them and what was it, that finally convinced ‘em to offer you a contract?

Alberto: After we created our personal space on MySpace and put two of our own tracks online, Volker Raabe (Pure Steel Records) had contacted us and asked for more infos about the band and more stuff to hear!! A big friendship has been born, and then the proposal of the record-deal has come!

How is working with the Pure Steel guys alike? Are you satisfied with the effort they put into the release of “Icy Steel” and the support they’ve given to your band?

Alberto: For now the things have turned out as well as they can, there’s absolute respect from each parts and this makes the things go from good to even better. Our wish for now is that the album will have success, for the big effort we did to realize it and for Pure Steel Record to publicize it.. It would be rewarding :D

I personally have to confess, that the cover and bandname do rather make me think of another wishywashy Melodic Speed band, than of a crushing Epic Metal outfit. Do you agree with this or don’t you see any such problems at all?

Alberto: We see the name of the band and the Cover-Artwork totally light-years far away from the Melodic Speed Metal!! The impact which we were prefixed to have was the one of the power, the strenght (as the Artwork demonstrates) and the arrival of something strongly imposing.. direct and not compromised, as our music is!

In terms of Icy Steel’s music, however, there’s no room for misconceptions at all!! The band plays heavy and majestic Epic Metal that crushes the bones of the listener with sheer heavyness!! Which bands and musicians have been the biggest influence for Icy Steel and how would you describe your music to somebody who has never listened to your band before?

Alberto: Obviously we’ve been musically born with 80’ Metal, the pure one, the real and incontaminated one. That has signed us and that’s what we will keep on doing.. because our hearts and our passion for this genre impose us that!
Our music is not so hard to explane to a fan.. It’s a kind of Heavy Metal that sinks its roots in the tradiction of 80’ years, with Epic contours and shadings that embellish all!
We only want to think, in primis, that we’re a Heavy Metal band.

How is so songwriting handled in Icy Steel? Do you have a main songwriter among your rows or do you share these duties among all four of you? And what steps have to be taken from the fitst rough scetches to the final recordings?

Alberto: We, in the band, share all the functions.. In our songs, every ICY STEEL member collaborates on the production of the single track.. One brings up an idea in our rehearsal room and then the four of us deverlop it, then we record a demo, where we can see if the song is complete or there’s still space for an adding…for example a choir, an arpeggios or something more to complete and finish the song.

Icy Steel’s lyrics and image are all about norsemen, vikings and northern mythology. For some reason this topic seems to be pretty interesting for Italian Epic Metal bands, cause we also find these themes in the work of other Italian epic masters like Doomsword or Wotan. What is it that makes this topic so fascinating for you? And will it be part of the concept of Icy Steel until the end, or can you also imagine writing songs about other topics in the future?

Alberto: Thanks for your question, Tobi… That’s a point that we absolutely want to specificate.. it has been misinterpreted by almost all..
Our lyrics are not entirely about Nordic Mythology (except for “Secret of Rune” and “I See Steel”). While the others…yes are Epic, but in a metaphotic way, the metaphors that can be heard on our songs display our ideals.
On the other hand, songs like “Corrupted King” and “Pandemonic Ride” are two united/parallels stories where Honor is the essential point, that represents a strong ideal for the band!!!

Have you already written any new material? If so, what does it sound like and in what way will it be different from the stuff on your debut album “Icy Steel”?

Alberto: Yep, we already have new material for our next album, we are proud to tell you a secure thing… ICY STEEL will follow the way of Heavy Metal.. and that’s is already a perfect guarantee ;)

What’s the live situation alike for Icy Steel? Do you play a lot of concerts and attract a lot of headbangers in Italy? Or is rather hard for a traditional Heavy Metal band like Icy Steel to get gigs in your area?

Alberto: We would like to play everywhere, cause of our enthusiasm.. but unfortunately here it’s very hard (due to a few pubs not adapted to our music genre). And to play out of the island (Icy Steel are from Sardinia -Tobi) you must have the right contacts… We hope that new possibilities will be opened to us with the help of the album and our Label, ‘cause you know, for a band doin’ concerts is the maximum!!

Do you also have plans for playing abroad? Maybe the German fans could bang their heads to your music at one of the future Swordbrothers or Keep It True fests some day...

Alberto: We will perform SWORDBROTHERS FESTIVAL in December 2007, so for all who don’t know us and for all who already heard our album, this will be a great occasion to see us at the opera!!

What records do you personally listen to the most at the moment? Any recommendation for our readers?

Alberto: We always maintain ourselves on the classics and with the interest also for the Underground HM, that in these years is always becoming the lifeblood of this genre.
Hmm a council to the readers comes to me discounted…. Listen to ICY STEEL 

Thanks for your answers!! Keep up the great Heavy Metal work with Icy Steel!! If there’s anything else you’d like to say, here’s your chance to do so...

Alberto: We would like to greet all who support and love our music… A big HAIL from ICY STEEL to all your readers!!!!!!!!!

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Questions: March 2007 by Tobi
Answers: April 2007 by Alberto Eretta